Tenant Representation

Landlord-tenant disputes can be very stressful for residential tenants, since shelter is a fundamental necessity in life. Moreover, for commercial tenants the loss of a business location can result in the failure or dissolution of the business. We understand this and take strides to guide our clients, who are both residential and commercial New York City tenants, through the difficult and foreign process of an eviction case.

We represent New York City tenants in the following types of eviction cases:

  • Allegations of tenant misconduct or breach of lease
  • Family member succession rights
  • Non-primary residence
  • Evictions based on pets
  • Illegal sublet
  • Owner use holdovers
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Bad conditions and failure to make repairs

Attorney Dinnocenzo has experience representing tenants in various types of eviction cases, having begun his career as a legal aid lawyer trying cases in the Housing Court. He also represents individuals who have been the victims of housing discrimination in New York City.

New York City landlord-tenant law is very complex in nature and an attorney must be familiar with its tenets in order to effectively assert and defend tenants' rights. For instance, there are rent-control and rent-stabilization laws that govern thousands of apartments in New York City, providing tenants with a series of rights and protections not found in other states. Furthermore, because a specific series of steps must be taken by a landlord in order to bring forth an eviction case in New York courts, a technical deficiency uncovered by a skilled tenant attorney can lead to the dismissal of a case.

If you are a New York City tenant who is facing an eviction or other landlord-tenant dispute, you can contact New York City Tenant Lawyer Eric Dinnocenzo at (212)933-1675 for a free consultation.