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Areas of Insurance Coverage

New Jersey and New York insurance attorney Eric Dinnocenzo has experience representing policyholders in a wide range of insurance disputes including the following types of insurance:

  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Business/Commercial Insurance
  • Property Insurance 
  • Fire Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Boating/Maritime Insurance

Each of these types of insurance coverage have different characteristics and requirements. In other words, not all insurance policies are the same. As an experienced New Jersey and New York insurance coverage lawyer, Eric Dinnocenzo will review your insurance policy and help you understand your legal rights.

For certain types of insurance, insurance companies have standard areas of inquiry they make in order to verify the veracity of a claim. For instance, in fire insurance claims, insurers routinely conduct an investigation to see if the insured committed arson. In life insurance cases, if the insured died within the policy's two-year contestability period, insurers will scour the insured's medical history to see if there was a material misrepresentation in the application.

Due to our experience and knowledge in the field of New Jersey and New York insurance denials, we are able to provide policyholders with enhanced insight into the claims denial process and take steps to both preserve and prosecute their rights. We are able to assist policyholders each step of the way in solving a problem, whether it is assistance completing an application or claim form, or instituting litigation against the insurance company.

We also represent insureds in negligence actions against insurance agents and brokers. These cases can arise when the agent or broker fails to procure an adequate insurance policy for our client, provides bad insurance advice that results in harm or damage, and other circumstances.

Yet another area of the firm's practice is representing insurance policyholders when their insurance company refuses to provide them with a defense or indemnification in a liability suit. An example would be a homeowner who is sued for an accident that occurred on his or her property, but the insurance company invokes a policy exclusion to assert that it has no duty to provide its policyholder with a legal defense or indemnification. 

If you reside in New Jersey or New York and have experienced an insurance denial, or if your insurance company is located in New Jersey or New York, we may be able to provide you with legal assistance.

Please contact New Jersey and New York insurance lawyer Eric Dinnocenzo at (212) 933-1675 for a free consultation.

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I thank you for listening to me, for your support and kindness. I said this to you before, however, it is worth repeating - I'm glad to know there are people like you in this world. It gives us all hope. Stacey G.
Thank you for fighting for us, against Goliath! Nothing came easy, and you thought outside the box, at all times. Thank you for your professionalism, your patience and your good nature. Miriam J.
We wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful help you were to Paul (and to me) and for your very caring nature. Barbara N. (mother) and Paul N. (son)