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What Type of Relationship Does the Firm Establish With its Clients?

We place the utmost importance on client relationships. Our clients have been highly impressed with the quality of service we provide, since we fully and thoroughly explain legal issues as they arise, keep them informed about the status of their case, and promptly return phone calls and emails. In fact, we always return phone calls within 24 hours and also promptly email and text message our clients. Eric Dinnocenzo provides personal service to each and every client, handling all aspects of their case from inception to resolution, and has most of his clients included in the "Contacts" section of his iPhone!

What Type of Fees do You Charge?

All of our initial consultations are free in order to determine without a cost to you whether we can effectively assist you in a matter. If we are retained by a client, our fee structure is variable.

Like most all law firms, we handle cases on an hourly basis, but we also frequently represent clients on a contingent fee basis, which means we only get paid at the end of the case out of a verdict or settlement and you do not pay our fees out of your own pocket. 

In short, we do our best to try to make our fees affordable to our clients, who often face adversaries with much greater resources.

What is a Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee helps make the legal system affordable to the average person. The lawyer only earns a fee if there is a recovery through settlement or trial, and that fee is a percentage (typically one-third) of the total recovery. If there is no recovery, the client owes us no legal fee.

We enter into contingency fee arrangements with clients in all personal injury cases, and also in the vast majority of insurance denial and employment cases.

Will my Case be Settled or Go to Trial?

Most cases settle before trial. Despite this fact, we prepare each case thoroughly as if it is going to trial and are ready to go the distance for you. 

This makes us unlike some other firms that regularly try to pressure clients to settle for low amounts, or who "farm" off the case to other law firms in the event of a trial. 

How Long Will it Take for my Case to Get to Trial?

It varies depending on what court your case is filed in and where that court is located. Cases generally take about two years to get to trial, sometimes more and sometimes less. This is because of the high number of cases that are filed in New York and New Jersey courts.

Client Reviews
I thank you for listening to me, for your support and kindness. I said this to you before, however, it is worth repeating - I'm glad to know there are people like you in this world. It gives us all hope. Stacey G.
Thank you for fighting for us, against Goliath! Nothing came easy, and you thought outside the box, at all times. Thank you for your professionalism, your patience and your good nature. Miriam J.
We wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful help you were to Paul (and to me) and for your very caring nature. Barbara N. (mother) and Paul N. (son)