Verdicts & Settlements

Attorney Eric Dinnocenzo has won or settled a number of cases, both large and small, on behalf of his clients. The following is a sample of the verdicts and settlements that he has obtained in different practice areas.


Confidential settlement - woman who paid over 10 years of premiums for a cash-value life insurance policy which lapsed prior to the death of the insured.

$3 million - recovery for life insurance beneficiary whose son died in a drowning accident.

$600,000 - a supplemental life insurance policy was recovered for a widow after the insurance company refused to pay.

$535,000 – total settlement for home and contents in fire insurance claim fully paid after the claim was initially disputed and investigated by the insurance company.

$513,000 - settlement for wife whose husband committed suicide within the policy's two-year suicide exclusion.

$500,000 - settlement for a widow and her two teenage children who were denied payment of a life insurance policy held by her husband on the grounds that he made a material misrepresentation by failing to disclose a history of hepatitis B in the application.

$450,000 - settlement of a life insurance denial for a widow whose husband committed suicide within 2 years of issuance of the policy.

$250,000 - overturned MetLife’s denial of a life insurance policy based on the failure to submit a statement of health with the application.

$230,000 - life insurance policy settlement where the insured died two weeks past the expiration of the grace period without having paid the last premium.

$210,000 - settlement of life insurance case where policy was terminated for non-payment of premium.

$130,000 - payment of full ERISA life insurance benefit after it was initially denied.

$100,000 - appeals court decision awarding Allstate life insurance policy to 19-year-old whose mother died one day after the grace period expired.

$77,000 – full payment from property insurer of the lost income claim made for a restaurant damaged in a fire.

Coverage provided - court decision reinstating a life insurance policy that had lapsed for non-payment for a man who subsequently became uninsurable due to a heart condition.

Coverage Provided - our client's auto insurance company reconsidered its refusal to provide him with a defense and indemnification in an auto accident case and also reimbursed him for our attorney's fees.

Disability - overturned denial of disability benefits for retail store manager suffering from a mental disability.


Confidential Settlement - represented an attorney in an action against former law firm alleging violations of the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank anti-relation laws.

Confidential settlement - represented employee against former employer, a major corporation.

$630,000 plus reinstatement - post-trial order from NYS Division of Human Rights in favor of Con Ed worker who claimed disability discrimination. 

$250,000 plus reinstatement for skilled worker who was terminated from his job based on disability discrimination.

$100,000 - settlement for employee of major financial institution who alleged termination due to age discrimination.

$75,000 - recovery for a woman who was sexually harassed by a co-worker.


$2 million - settlement after winning summary judgment on Labor Law § 240(1) claim for a custodian at a New York City public school who fell from an A-frame ladder and suffered from lumbar injuries requiring a disc fusion surgery.

$1.25 million - settlement for a laborer who fell while descending an improperly secured ladder. He suffered from a skull fracture with bleeding in the brain resulting in mild cognitive impairments as well as herniations to his cervical and lumbar regions.

$1.2 million - settlement for a concrete laborer who suffered a lumbar injury requiring surgery.

$850,000 - settlement after a bifurcated jury verdict in which liability was found 80/20 in favor of our 30-year old client, a demolition supervisor who was struck by a beam that he was removing from a building. He suffered a fractured femur that required the implantation of a metal rod.


$2.6 million - settlement for a 44-year old man admitted to hospital who was not properly monitored and experienced a delay in performing bypass surgery, causing his condition to deteriorate and ultimately lead to a heart transplant.

$1.8 million - judgment awarded for a claim of negligent security against a Manhattan nightclub on behalf of a man stabbed in the left thigh during an altercation with another patron. Our client underwent multiple operations and suffered from muscle loss and for walking requires the assistance of a cane.

$650,000 - settlement for a schoolteacher who had to undergo reconstruction of her intestines after her common bile duct was severed during a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.

$600,000 - settlement for a 54-year old man who underwent shoulder replacement surgery that caused injury to his brachial plexus nerve in his left shoulder and arm

$550,000 - settlement for a worker who suffered tendon injuries to his hand when it got caught in an improperly guarded envelope manufacturing machine.

$500,000 - settlement for woman who tripped and fell on a defective ramp located in a hotel corridor and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury.

$225,000 - settlement for a tow truck driver who had a Volvo roll over his hand when he used a towing eyelet to raise the vehicle onto a flat bed truck, the eyelet broke, and the vehicle rolled over his hand causing a fracture. There were difficult issues concerning comparative negligence, since the client put his hand behind the wheel when the vehicle began to roll.


$325,000 - recovery early in litigation for a 90-year-old woman who was struck by a revolving door at her apartment building and suffered a fractured hip.

$250,000 - settlement for a child who lived in a Brooklyn apartment and suffered from lead poisoning resulting in cognitive impairments. The landlord was uninsured and challenged that the impairments were caused by a pre-existing diagnosis of autism.

$170,000 - recovery for a tenant whose bathroom ceiling partially collapsed and struck her in the head.

$47,000 plus $9,300 legal fees - recovery for a tenant who was wrongfully evicted against her landlord and its law firm which committed FDCPA violations.

$28,000 - wrongful eviction of woman who resided in public housing.

$22,500 - settlement of a familial status discrimination case against a real estate company, agents and landlord for a refusal to rent an apartment and install window guards. 

**Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.